Cabot Ashwill
Senior Pastor and Elder
Kevin MacLean
Worship Pastor and Elder
Scott & Megan McInnis
Unhooked Sr Hi Leaders
In that famous message
given on a hillside, Jesus
told the crowds “Where 
your treasure is, there 
your heart will be also.” 
(Matt 6:21). Cabot is
on a lifelong journey 
learning to treasure the
Son of God. That journey
began as a child on an
adventure. It involved
many years of wandering 
in a spiritual desert until
God revealed Himself in 
an irresistible and surprising
Music has been a passion
for Kevin well before his
conversion in 1994. His 
calling is to serve God 
with his whole life. Whether
he is leading worship,
encouraging Christian 
artists, or supporting his 
family of eight, it is all for 
God’s glory. Kevin spends 
much of his time supporting 
LifeGroups, working 
closely with Keith 
Brabender, and assisting 
Pastor Cabot with pastoral
I’ll (Scott) tell you the story of how my life started with how my life ended when I gave it to Christ. The cool thing about your life ending to Jesus is that Christ creates a new you. I will also brag about my greatest accomplishment being the realization that I can accomplish nothing without Christ in my life. Oh, sure I might work into the conversation that I prefer water to soft drinks, but honestly, probably so I could segway into telling you about the living water found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Rachel Wyss
Children’s Ministry
Jason Gebbink
Dan Olson

Rachel is a young Christian with a thirst for the Living Water and a joy-filled life! God chose Rachel long before the birth of time, but Rachel chose Him in April 2014 after He made it abundantly clear that a life without Him is really no life at all. God has given Rachel the roles of daughter, wife, mother, and friend in life, but really He has blessed her with a love for people above all else. Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and this is an area that God has really been fine-tuning in Rachel’s life. 

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In 2009 Jason felt God calling him on a new path and moved his family to Spring Grove to pursue a new career. Upon joining LifeSpring Church, Jason and his family also felt that God had provided them with a new family and community. Here he has been blessed to be a part of the worship team and also helps lead LifeSpring's Men's Ministries. Helping men draw closer to the Lord, as well as their families and community,  is one of Jason's greatest passions.
Dan is a “missionary kid” who spent 8 out of his first 13 years in Congo, Africa. His stateside home growing up was in Minnesota. Dan’s spiritual formation came primarily through his godly parents, years on a Bible quizzing team, a mentoring older brother, summers spent as a camp counselor at camp Hidden Acres in Iowa, and through his years at a Christian college. After teaching middle school math in the Twin Cities for 4 years Dan felt God’s call to go to China for 2 years to teach English as a second language.
Jill Payne
Assistant to the Senior Pastor

Jill grew up in a Chicago suburb, one of six children, all of whose names started with J. Her folks too were Jack and Jan – they were known as the 8 J’s – at least that was how her mom signed their Christmas cards. :) Jill attended church regularly and always dreamed of being a missionary, but at the age of 18, it was OK for her to stop attending, and so she did. She lived the next 18 years always under the cloud of knowing that she was going to hell, but didn’t know how not to.