Welcome to LifeSpring


Welcome to LifeSpring!

LifeSpring is a local community church committed to the life transforming message of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ message changes our relationship with God and with one another. It’s a change we believe you will notice at LifeSpring. We’re not the perfect church, but we serve a perfect Savior.

May the grace of Christ be with you,
Senior Pastor Cabot Ashwill


Who we are

Early Christians often referred to their path with Christ as “the Way.” “The Way” had to do with the life-transforming message that brought people to God and into fellowship with one another. Early Christians were eager to share this message with others. This is our way too. At LifeSpring we call this way Gospel, Gather & Go!

What to expect when visiting

Expect a warm, friendly environment. Children grades kindergarten through fifth grade are invited to Sunday School, but also welcome to stay in service. We generally have time for food and fellowship after the service. LifeSpring is rooted in the past, but creative in the present. Expect weekly communion, messages based directly on a passage of Scripture, meaningful hymns along with contemporary Christian music, and most importantly, expect and pray for an encounter with the Living God.

Getting to know God

The one who knows us best is the one who created us. Would you like to know Him? The good news is that if you feel the desire to know God more, you can!

You can get to know God through His Son Jesus, and you can get to know Jesus through hanging out with His people, reading His Word and through Prayer. The best life is the one most fully committed to Christ! This is the way of joy, peace and love. It’s a life founded on the truth of the gospel and lived out in community with Christ and those committed to Him.